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Kindle Manual for Beginners

Infinity Guides Launches Kindle Manual for Beginners

Infinity Guides, the #1 Trusted Source for Beginners, recently launched a new book manual for Kindle users. The book, titles the Kindle Manual for Beginners teaches users how to use their Kindle from a beginner's perspective, and is great for seniors and first-time Kindle users. Authored by Joe Malacina, the Kindle Manual for Beginners is his 5th book in his For Beginners series. The book is now available on Infinity Guides, Fire Video Guides, and

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We are currently working on a massive update to our website, including a complete redesign for a better viewing experience. Release date is to be determined but expected in early March 2018.

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iPhone Manual for Beginners reaches Best-Seller List in U.S.

The iPhone Manual for Beginners book has reached Best-Seller lists in the U.S. on and Amazon. On the Infinity Guides website, the book has been the #1 Best-Seller for 8 straight weeks. On Amazon, the book has reached the Best-Seller lists in various categories including technology and education. The book is available on numerous websites, in bookstores, and in some libraries.

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