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The Digitize Center

The Digitize Center is America's leader in digitizing video tapes, photographs, film reels and more. Providing the simple solution to preserving precious memories.

Infinity Guides

Infinity Guides is an all encompassing learning website where users can learn how to use social media and technology through online courses, books, and DVDs.


BeginnerManuals.com offers Infinity Guides's original beginner manuals for cell phones, tablets, and other smart devices.


Website dedicated to Apple products training, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Music, and iTunes software.


Website dedicated to Samsung Galaxy products training, including Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Fire Video Guides

Website dedicated to Amazon products training, including the Amazon Fire Tablet, Kindle, and Firestick.

Dummies Blog

Self Proclaimed 'Dummies Blog' of the internet, offering tips to technology and social media users.

No Limit Training Service

Contact us to inquire about our training services, which include:

  • Employee Cell Phone Training
  • Cell Phone & Tablet Safety Training
  • Digital Safety Training
  • Email Safety Training
  • Social Media & Social Media Safety Training

Corporate technology safety training is our specialty. We have trained over 100,000 people in the above mentioned fields.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help. Visit the Services Page to view all the information about our training services, and to see first-hand how training can benefit your organization.